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Eleventh Pirouette

Um, Fakir? Is it ok to to tell this guy where his sister is? He seems nice, but I know how you dont like strangers here...

Tenth Pirouette || Voice Post ||

[There's classical music playing in the background and the sound of footsteps pacing across the deck]

Autor, Its been alot longer then a Half an hour. where are-

[And there's a screech as the titanic hits the Iceburg, and everything shakes, the sound of panicing voices.]

Autor!? F-Fakir? Ahiru? Rue? Everyone?! Whats going on?!

Tenth Pirouette


You know, I wish Autor would be a little bit nicer... Like during that curse. Yeah he was still him but...I enjoyed talking to him. Obviously.

This is such a ridiculous thing to be thinking of.  Its not like he's going to change.

And I want my stupid shoe back.


Ahiru, would you like to do some ballet today? I'm starting to feel antsy without dancing.

And...do you have a pair of slippers I can borrow? One of mine are missing.


Ninth Pirouette

M-Me And Autor were... Me and AUTOR WERE!!  I-I-I!!

A-Are we going to have a break now?

I cant believe- We were so happy and its...wagh!!!

[ooc: strikes are totally hackable.]

Eighth Pirouette

I gave my heart willingly. Mytho.

[ooc: See heartless doll Pique. See heartless doll Pique dance Coppelia's waltz on stage alone. Feel free to bug her. ^^]

Seventh Pirouette

This feeling- Fakir isn't exactly that great is he- Actually... I don't think boys really are at all! 

I think.... A girl would better suit my tastes dont you? Someone with dark hair and pretty eyes...

I think I'll go out and find her~

[ooc: Les!Pique is huntin for a 'mate'. Uh, yeah. XD]

Fifth Pirouette

Is it safe to come out now?

Fourth Piroette


Third Pirouette

Well....That was strange.  I can barely remember what happened, but... My mouth tastes funny.  DID I EAT A BUG?! GROSS!

The Amazing Fakir was really cool! A wolf! A majestic wolf! Did I jump on his back? Yaahhh! HOW EMBARRASING!

Are all the curses here like that? It wasn't...THAT bad. I think.

I wish I could remember more then just wanting to play and chase anything that moved...
Look! Look! That things moving! Its movingI'vegottacatchit!

[there's a bunch of clattering as there's a pique kitten scrambling around chasing a bug across the opera house floor]

YUCK! its nasty! yumyumyum!

[Crunch Crunch]

Hey! That things moving too! Is that a dog? I smell a dog! I wanna play! Its a cool dogthingwhereI'mgonnafindit!

[And kitten is storming up the stairs for Fakir's room]

Oh wait! birdsbirdsyumyumyum! issat a DUCK! Iwannaplaywithit!

Nonono! The dog first! The cool wolf!